Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs and Council Member Adrian Mapp, running against each other in the June 4th Democratic Party primary, will square off this evening at 7 pm in the Plainfield Public Library, the corner of Park Avenue and West Eighth Street. The event is free and the public is urged to attend and take part.

The League of Women Voters of Plainfield and the local civic organization, Friends of Sleepy Hollow (FOSH), are co-sponsoring the event. The moderator is Dawn Clarke, a LWVNJ vice-president who has handled a number of these debates in the city but lives elsewhere. Called a "forum" by the LWV, the program will use LWV rules, such as questions from the audience submitted to Clarke in written form, and time-keepers, Plainfield LWV President Rupert Crawford and local chapter Treasurer Alice Logie.

Joylette Mills-Ransome, Plainfield LVW Vice-President for Voter Services, is preparing a sheet with candidate biographies and answers to two questions posed by the League, to be distributed that evening. FOSH will print and distribute this.

LWV policy requires contested races for forums. Thus the Plainfield LWV will hold a forum in the fall, which includes the Democrat and Republican nominees for mayor, Republican and Democrat candidates for the Fourth Ward council seat, and any independents for either contest. A separate forum will be held for Board of Education candidates, elected in November, and any recommendation from the Charter Study Commission passed  on to voters.

The organizers have requested that the event be recorded for use on local cable access so those unable to participate can watch the forum.

Those attending are asked, by the Plainfield Public Library, to park in the lot behind the library at  Ninth Street, or on the street, so that library patrons can use the main lot along  West Eighth Street.


  1. Joylette Mills-Ransome has been campaigning for Mapp, and is Mapp's Woman for Mapp chair.

    This was a setup all along. Shame! Shame that the LWV have to become pawns!

  2. How is a public forum a set up? Questions are solicited from the audience, the moderator from LWV has no connection to the town. All the candidates have to do is ansewer the questions.
    The first debate didn't happen, and Sharon chose not to show up to this one. Shame on Her!!!