Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Please come out to the League of Women Voters of Plainfield Candidate Forum, which is being held this evening at Emerson Community School at 6:30 PM. Please click on the "Candid Forum Rules" page for our guidelines, as well as for clarification regarding Write-In Candidates. Below you will find the agenda and guidelines for this evening's forum.

1. Welcome and pledge of allegiance by League member.
2. Introduction of forum moderator Marlene Sincaglia.
3.  Explanation of format and introduction of candidates by moderator. Moderator will determine order of statements.
·         William Contreras
·         Cameron Cox
·         Terence Johnson
·         Tera Phipps
·         Timothy A. Priano
·         Dr. Avania Richardson-Miller
·         Harry M. Watson, Jr.

4. Opening statements of candidates—1 ½ minutes for each opening statement.
5. Written questions from cards submitted by the audience until 15 minutes before forum’s end.
  •          The candidate to whom the question is addressed will have 1 ½ minutes to answer the question.
  •          A rebuttal of 1 minute from the opposing candidates will be allowed but not required.
6. General Rules regarding questions:
  •         A candidate may refuse to answer a question, but in that instance the other candidate may answer, if they desire.
  •         Questions must follow the League policy of being concerned with issues, not personalities. All others will be ruled out of order by the Moderator.
  •         A timekeeper shall sit in full view of the candidates to indicate that the time is finished.  A sentence may be completed, but under no circumstances will a speaker be allowed to extend the specific time.
 7. Each candidate will have 1 ½ minutes for closing statements. The candidates will speak in reverse order of opening statements.
8. Closing Words by League Member – Vacate building.

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